House in Stanley, NC

Who did what?

I bought a house!


I was tired of paying expensive rent. In my entire adult life, I have paid no more than $700 in monthly rent and have been paying $1400 since moving to Charlotte (granted, it was for a pretty nice 2-bedroom apartment but still). On Tues, December 1st 2020, during a conversation with my sister Heidi (whose family lives in the same apartment complex as me), we discussed options for when our leases expired in 2021 (March and May). After about 20 mins of brainstorming, Heidi said (jokingly), “Krista you should buy a house”.

Enter the angelic hallelujah chorus. 

Yes. That’s what I should do – buy a house. I had been contemplating purchasing a home for several years but never felt like it was the right time or location. North Carolina has been a great fit for me thus far and I can comfortably live here the next couple of years.

The original discussion evolved into looking for a place big enough for me, Heidi, Andrew, Jonas and Phoebe to live so we could split the monthly payment and each save cash for important things we want to do in the future.

Thus, the journey began. I quickly found the most amazing relator from Church connections, got 3 pre-approvals from lenders and looked at houses. Charlotte is an INTENSE housing market. Appealing houses are receiving 20 offers or are taken off the market in less than an hour because an investor called and offered to paid cash. Due to low inventory and high price, I knew that staying in Charlotte was not an option. So we looked in areas surrounding the area, looked at a couple of houses, seriously contemplated putting an offer on a 1958 home that would need renovations but had an awesome lot… and realized I could get a new house for the price of an older home.

Can we say “no brainer?”.


In Stanley, North Carolina. A place I never knew existed until 2 days ago.

Map of Charlotte showing

Tell Me About the House!

  • It’s new construction in the Bennington Creek Subdivision with builder D.R. Horton.
  • 2 story house on about 0.19 acre lot.
  • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, almost 2,000 square feet with a 2 car garage.
  • It’s essentially the “base model” with no add-ons or customizations.

Floor Plan – First Floor

first floor showing living room, dining room, kitchen and stairs

Floor Plan – Second Floor

floor plan of the second floor with 4 bedrooms, laundry space and stairs

Community Map

When Will it be Finished?

Sometime in March/April 2021.

I Want to See Pictures

Current State as of Dec 14th, 2020

It’s just a slab of foundation 🙂

slab of foundation in the dirt with blue sky and tree line in background

Current State as of Dec 28th, 2020

I was pleasantly surprised to see all the framing work that had been completed in a matter of 2 weeks.

foundation with framing on the 1st floor and framing begun on the second floor

It was also astonishing to see all the other houses that seemed to pop up overnight! The first houses in the videos were NOT there when I signed the contract on Dec 14th… I verbally mention which house is mine, about 1/2 through the video.

Current State as of Jan 10th, 2021

I have a roof!!!! Ahhh!!! I also estimated that the backyard is at least 40 ft by 40 ft.

photo of front of house with the framing and roof onphoto of back of house with the framing and roof on