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  • 100 Days of A11y – This blog originated from my journey to learn web accessibility in-depth by means of taking IAAP’s Web Accessibility Specialist certification exam in May 2019. Since then I’ve added in my journey to earn the Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies certification. My hope is that you will learn from my journey, and maybe even start your own journey in making the web more accessible for all.
  • 24 Accessibility – 24 Accessibility is a series of articles on all subjects related to digital accessibility. During the first 24 days in the month of December, we offer a daily dose of accessibility wisdom and insight from a wide array of knowledge experts throughout the world.
  • Accessible Web Design (Joe Dolson) – You may have come here because you were looking for web site accessibility information or for WordPress plug-ins. In either case, you’re probably in the right place. I’ve been doing web development and consulting with a focus on accessibility since 2004, when I founded my business. As with everything, the focus of my work has drifted back and forth over the years – but accessibility has remained a constant element.
  • A11y Project Blog List – Accessibility can be a complex and difficult topic. The Accessibility Project understands this and wants to help make it easier to implement on the web.
  • A11y Rules – There is a lot of information about how to make the web accessible. There isn’t so much information about the people working to make the web accessible. Over the years that I’ve been involved with web accessibility, I have met a lot of very interesting people. I wanted to learn more about them, and meet new people involved in one way or another with web accessibility.
  • A11y Voices – Blog posts written by people with disabilities on their accessibility experiences.
  • A11y Weekly – A weekly dose of web accessibility to help you bring it into your everyday work. Delivered to your inbox each Monday, curated by David A. Kennedy.
  • Blackboard E-learn Magazine – Focusing on enabling access for people with disabilities, or special needs, or enabling access through the use of assistive technology.
  • Digital A11y  Great Accessibility Blogs Roundup – Peri brings in rich experience in Digital Accessibility; He has worked with various clients ranging from Travel & Hospitality, ecommerce, Entertainment, Banking & Finance. Presently, he works at Deque Software as Digital Accessibility Consultant slaying web accessibility & mobile accessibility challenges.
  • eESSENTIAL Accessibility – Our solution then became the catalyst in helping educate purpose-driven organizations on the benefits of enhancing the digital customer experience for people with disabilities.
  • Interactive Accessibility – Interactive Accessibility is recognized globally as a leader in accessibility and we leverage that to help you lead your industry. We offer customized Section 508, WCAG 2.0 and ADA compliance services to meet your needs.
  • Law Office of Lainey Feingold – Lainey represents disabled people seeking full participation in all society has to offer. Her principal work is with the blind and visually impaired community on technology and information access issues, including web and mobile accessibility.
  • Maxability – The goal of Maxability is to spread awareness on web accessibility. The information shared on Maxability largely help in minimizing lack of awareness of web accessibility and lack of web accessibility skills or knowledge.
  • Jared Smith from WebAIM’s Great Accessibility Blog Roundup – I’ve become an RSS junkie. I’m amazed by the power that blogging and RSS feeds have brought to the accessibility field. I have Google Reader chock full of accessibility blogs and feeds. I have learned so much in the last year or so due to the vast contributions of the accessibility bloggers I have stumbled upon. I’m sure there are many more out there that I have yet to discover.
  • Scott O’Hara – I like to build, and help others build accessible websites and applications. I write about web development, largely through the scope of accessibility.
  • Spaced Out and Smiling – Spaced out and smiling is a site focused on being spaced out and happy written by me, Jamie Knight, and my plush sidekick Lion. Lion never leaves my side and we live with support in London. This websites tracks our move into independent living and some of the things we have found along the way.
  • Terrill Thompson – Terrill Thompson is technology accessibility specialist with the University of Washington, web developer, musician, outdoor adventurer, and seeker of truth.
  • WebAIM’s Blog – Our mission is to empower organizations to make their web content accessible to people with disabilities.
  • WebAxe blog and podcast on web accessibility.

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