EDTECH 501 – RSS in Education

Link to Krista’s RSS in Education Artifact

RSS — Really Simple Syndication. I heard of the term frequently but was too embarrassed to ask for explanation, as I thought it was a term that everyone knew and understood. Googling it was an option that I never explored. This was a great artifact to learn about how to make the internet work for you. What was most enlightening was the RSS in Plain English video. Specifically, the part with the arrows pointing from personal computer to the news on the internet being flipped 180 degrees to have the arrows point from the news on the internet to the personal computer. That demonstration succinctly explained RSS to me.

True story, this is the first lesson plan I have ever created. I am not a teacher so this assignment was an interesting and an eye-opening experience. The examples for how to create a learning objective and create a lesson plan were extremely helpful to inexperienced lesson-planners like myself. I liked using RSS feeds and Google Docs in this assignment. I learned that in order to use RSS, one needs to have a RSS Reader like Feedly or Google Reader. While I will not be able to implement this lesson plan into a formal classroom, I do hope to use it in a presentation about website accessibility to my peers in the monthly web developers meeting or perhaps use parts of it in an upcoming conference presentation.

I know this lesson plan could use improvements; however, since I am a complete newbie, I am unable to identify erroneous errors. Perhaps I should have had one of my teacher friends review this lesson plan before posting to my Learning Log!