EDTECH 503 – Instructor Guide


  • Gain attention by sharing the assumption that learners want all of their students to achieve their learning objectives.
  • Purpose is to teach inclusive design regarding PDFs.
  • Some elements that will be taught are going to be beneficial for the learner’s user experience.
  • Focus on completing the File Inclusive Design Evaluation rubric.


  • Some PDFs are images and some of them have text that is copy/paste-able.
  • Students use a lot of PDFs in their academics. They should have a good experience with them as a bad experience is likely to prevent them from consuming the content.
  • Read about it and do it: text selectability, crop, rotation, tags, color, etc…
  • Instructor of teaching inclusive PDFs will provide feedback about quality.


  • Discussed a lot of things that learners were already familiar with.
  • A lot of elements in PDFs are things that all users would want to to have: clean scans, good contrast, etc…
  • Much that applies to PDFs also applies to good web design.
  • While elements are common across all PDFs, each one provides unique challenges.
  • Get feedback about if the rubric was helpful.