EDTECH 504 – Reflection

What challenges did you face in this course?

This class continued to exacerbate the intellectual crisis started in EDTECH 513. However, it did provide a greater framework for the importance and evolution of learning theories. I was constantly fluctuation between accepting theory as important for my day-to-day work, and experiencing frustration that more disability professionals are not trained in learning theory.

What strategies or other creative resources did you use to address these challenges?

One strategy I used to combat the intellectual crisis was to devote more time and energy into learning about Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning (CTML). This was the theory of which I wrote my final synthesis paper.

Which artifact do you feel was your best and why?

The synthesis paper is the best artifact from this course. I had it reviewed by a couple of different individuals, even paid a graduate student to edit and ensure proper formatting. I originally had the goal of publishing this paper but have since re-thought that idea. My paper was good for a course assignment; however, my arguments are weak overall and do not yet have the “proof” that would be needed in order to critique. It was a startling realization that (a) there is not enough research about CTML and persons with disabilities and (b) it would take a lot of work to obtain the kind of research needed to write the paper I originally thought of constructing. Essentially, I stumbled across a dissertation topic.

What is one thing you plan to do in your school or business as a result of this course?

As a result of deeper exploration of various learning theories, especially Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning, I presented at the 2017 International CSUN Conference, which is the conference to attend regarding disability and technology. This conference is heavy with practicality and “real-world” situations. It is substantially weak in academia. There is little research undertaken and presented. My presentation was completely based on theory and its applications to disability work. There was a fantastic conversation at the end of my presentation, which turned into an hour-long interaction with a professor who had more in-depth experience with CTML.

Additionally, I was able to converse with a Learning Technologist about which theories he practiced. He and I were able to have a fruitful colleague-to-colleague interaction that solidified both of some of our desires regarding how courses are constructed, the materials are chosen, and the activities that are required.