EDTECH 506 – Design Challenge #3 – Banner


I wanted to change the border on my blog, and have it be focused on accessibility and educational technology. The picture there is one I took of a hillside in the UK. That picture is unrelated to the blog.

Step #1 – Edit Icon

Male and Female icon in black
By USDOT (Created by US DOT; public domain) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.
This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA
  • I needed the line removed and the icons to be different colors in the Male Female icons.
  • I used Adobe Illustrator to make these changes.
  • The disability symbols icons worked great as is.

Step #2 – Insert People and Disability Icons

  • I wanted there to be several icons representing people with and without disabilities as this represents life. There are more than just a few people with disabilities that need content in accessible formats.
  • I chose different colors for visual interest, and to represent the variety of humans.

Step #3 – Add Text

  • I chose a font that was quite bold and loud. Because it was in all caps, it had a feeling of “screaming” at viewers.
  • I did not like that it cut off the “heads” of the people in the middle-bottom half of the banner.

Step #4 – Move Text In Between Icons

  • I was happier with this choice. The message did not overshadow the “humans” in this image.

Step #5 – Add Alliteration

  • The original saying was clear but also kind of demanding. I wanted to slightly more clever and fun way to say the same thing.
  • The message can also appeal to more content creators. Who does not want customizable and consumable content?