EDTECH 506 – Design Challenge #4 – Butterfly Life Cycle Using Shapes


This assignment was tough as I could envision what I wanted to create, but bumbled around finding the right tools. I need to find a cheat sheet of the desired task or feature to use, with the icon of where to find the tool, with keyboard shortcuts regarding activation of that tool. I am slowly getting better. Due to my limited skills, this project turned out more simplistic than I would have liked. However, I did accomplish the goal of using shapes. Please find the progression of stages during the creative process below.

Attempt #00 – Custom Shapes

  • I used the leaf and butterfly Custom Shape.
  • I created the caterpillar using the Ellipse tool.

Attempt #02 – Polygon Tool

  • I felt like using the Custom Shapes for the butterfly was a cheating a bit so I decided to created from scratch using Ellipse Tool and editing the properties.
  • I thought it would have been more visually interesting to have each stage be a section within the butterfly Custom Shape.

Attempt #03 – Rearrange, Brush Tool

  • I wanted more color. I used the colors within the handmade shapes and the Brush Tool to color only the butterfly background.
  • While I appreciate the differences in text (from smooth to brushed), it feels a bit overwhelming to me.

Attempt #06 – Simplify, Re-Organize, Label

  • Based on where I was at in attempt 03, I thought simplifying the graphic by removing the butterfly Custom Shape would be more aesthetically appealing.
  • I also needed to re-arrange the custom shapes in their proper stages, to show the cyclical nature of butterfly development.
  • I added the labels for learning the different stages.
  • I like the cleaner lines, but it’s a bit boring.

Attempt #07 – Add Texture and Color

  • In the final iteration, I decided to bring back the colorful butterfly Custom Shape as the background for interest. Plus, I spent a lot of time on the background and wanted to demonstrate why this project took me several hours.
  • I created white backgrounds for each of the text, to ensure the words “popped”. I used the Rectangle Tool, and softened the edges to 15px in the properties.
  • I do think this is a novice mistake of “adding too much”. I think I prefer attempt 06 overall.
  • I think I would have the butterfly background be a solid shape, with each of the created shapes include brush strokes for next time.