EDTECH 506 – Job Aide

This is an example of a job aide created for end users as they begin to implement a specific disability management software. This is a result of schools being confused as to the training process regarding a specific portion of the software. Aside from the colors, the different shapes indicate the different steps in the process. The vertical lines also help to separate each step. The connecting marks identify if certain parts of the process have to proceed another part, or they establish a relationship between two parts. Text is minimal but an extremely important component.

Because this job aide is on 11 by 17 inch paper, including the PDF here instead of only an image is the better choice for visibility.

PDF file (11″ by 17″) Alternative Formats – General Process

Peer Reviews

  • I like the different charts for the types of processes. It looks complicated so I think I would need a flow chart like that. The only thing is the image is small so I had to enlarge it to read the type. I was a little confused (keep in mind that I have no idea of the process) how the student logging in to the system and entering manually is different from the student logging into the bookstore, but I am sure if I had a working knowledge of the process, then the differences would be obvious.
  • The different colors and vertical lines are very helpful in separating the content. You may want to stay with just straight arrows – the curvy lines I found distracting from your message. It does seem like a complicated process but people should be able to follow the steps.
  • Your job aide is detailed, which helps readers who may not have all of the requisite information to benefit from a job aid with less information. One thing I would offer criticism on is the the format. The “landscape” design is difficult to read in the sense that one has to read too far to the left that is comfortable to the reader. In “portrait” the design might be two pages, but it would be more comfortable for the reader.

  • My main comments on the Job aid that the left half of the Job aid seems to follow a left to right flow and the right side of the Job aid go top to bottom. Also the shapes do not seem to follow typical design elements shape guidelines for flow charts, example is that diamonds are used in the work flow to indicate a decision need to be made at that point, thus would have a least 2 paths.

  • Wow, you must have put a lot of time into this project, so detailed. I don’t know anything about disability management software so I didn’t really understand the content of the job aid.   The horizontal bars and different colored shapes help the viewer to differentiate between the different procedural processes.    Good job smile

Revised Version

  • I realized 3 elements I had forgotten in the flowchart and needed to add them. Considering the complexity of the flowchart already, I decided to break it up into 2 pages, each landscape on tabloid paper.
  • I increased the font size to make the chart easier to read.
  • I reduced the amount of connecting lines for simpler visibility.