EDTECH 506 – Personal Image

First run with Photoshop, check! I chose a recent photo of me about to ski. However, the original was dull, and needed some work.

Using Contrast/Brightness, the Dodge tool and the Healing tool, I changed the contrast, making my skin look less milky/pale. Also, this contrast made the focus (being me) pop more. I was curious, and used the Dodge tool to whiten my teeth. It would be hard to know this from the picture alone, but I had a bad illness that created stains on my front teeth. When I was 12, mom took me to the dentist to get a procedure done, which permanently overlaid the stains. However, as I am aging, some of that dental work is wearing off, and the color of my smile is not as bright. Finally, I didn’t like the snow streaks across my black shirt, so I removed them, making more snowflakes.

Then I decided to add my personal motto in smaller, yet bold text, “Work Hard. Play Harder”. I didn’t want the motto to overshadow me or the background. Also, now that I think about it, I often have a sunny outlook during undesirable conditions. Me smiling in the mist of a snowy day is a nice, and true, metaphor.

Attached are 4 photos, showing the different stages as I used more tools in Photoshop.