EDTECH 513 – Introduction Video (using Animoto)

Link to Krista Greears EDTECH 513 Intro Video using Animoto.

Song credit: Coming Back Around, John Powell & Gavin Greenaway, How to Train Your Dragon

Transcript of Video Content

NOTE the video is a collection of photographs of people, outdoors and adventures.

Krista Greear. EDTECH 513 Intro Video.

Hey! I’m Krista.

I live in beautiful Seattle. Photo credit @4Corners.

I serve students with disabilities using tech.

My student employees make accessible textbooks.

I love the outdoors!

Bridal Veil Falls, June 2016

Hike to lake Serene, WA, June 2016

Durdle Door, Great Britain, June 2016

For Fun

Accomplished goal of running 5k every month (2015)

Now I run a 5k every week (2016)

Took a helicopter flying lesson, May 2015

Tried sailing on the Great Salt Lake, August 2014

Fishing on the ocean, August 2015

My Friends and Family

Still keep in touch with my high school best friends

And found more! Orcas Island, May 2016

Been blessed with a sister & brother by marriage!

My family is my anchor

As well as my faith. (LDS Seattle Temple)