EDTECH 513 – Presentation (using Haiku Deck)

This artifact exposed me to a new tool to create multimedia presentations. It emphasizes using minimal text on the slide, accentuates visual images/graphics and provides opportunity for speaker notes to explain the main point further. I like that it forces one to be extremely thoughtful in word selection and image choice to convey the main idea.

Simplifying the main story into short words could have been, but was not, the most challenging part. For me, using Haiku Deck’s limiting colors and text layouts was the most frustrating. The reason why I wanted to change the color was to increase contrast between the font color and background color, so it is more accessible for visually impaired users. I also had a slide or two where I did not want to add text or only have one line of text; this was not an option. I also found it frustrating that there was not built-in alternate text option. Not wanting to leave my blind/low vision users out, I added alt text as part of the speaker notes.

As a future Educational Technologist, it could be an interesting exercise to have instructors who misuse the multimedia learning principles create one of their powerpoint presentations using Haiku Deck.

The presentation focuses on 2 options for students who receive inaccessible PDFs from instructors. These options are limited to my campus.

Link to Krista’s Haiku Deck titled “This Is Tom”.